Sunday, August 10, 2014

Caring for Blinds in Philadelphia: Facts about Cleaning Wooden Blinds

"An efficient way to make sure that each slat is thoroughly cleaned is to keep all the blinds closed in one side, only tilting it to the opposite side once you’re done with the other. Use a stepladder or any other sturdy platform to climb up and reach the top areas of the blinds. Hanging on to the blinds themselves to support your body’s weight is ill-advised. Companies like Allure Window Treatments can help you by providing efficient window treatments for Philadelphia homes, but without your help in caring for their products, your investment will only go to waste. Make sure that you know the right way to clean your blinds, whether they’re made of wood, metal, or vinyl."

Friday, August 8, 2014

Equip Your House with Sturdy Blinds in Philadelphia: What to Look For

"Did you know that with the right window treatment, you can still enjoy the sights and sounds of your Philly backyard while maintaining an adequate amount of indoor privacy? You can accomplish this by purchasing reliable blinds from Philadelphia suppliers like Allure Window Treatments. If you finally decide to have blinds set up, there are a few things you must keep in mind before you go shopping. Slat Width First you’ll have to decide on the width of the slat that you want, as this not only affects the light-penetration value, but also the overall feel of the room. There are generally three different slat widths for blinds: ½ inch, 1 inch, and 2 inches. The first is commonly used for its contemporary appeal, while the thick, 2-inch slats give homes that classic look."

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Choosing Blinds in Philadelphia—Why Wooden Blinds are the Right Choice

"A practical advantage of wooden blinds over their plastic counterparts is that they provide more privacy. Although all plastic blinds can obscure the view from outside, they are often so thin that it is still possible to see outlines of people and furnishings inside your home. With wood blinds, their inherent thickness comes into play again, so the view is completely blocked, making it possible for you to enjoy complete privacy. All this advantages clearly make wooden blinds the winning choice. With its ability to make a space cozier and accommodating, no other type of blind fits a home in the City of Brotherly Love as perfectly; your interior will definitely seem warmer with these excellent options for Philadelphia window treatments in place."

Monday, August 4, 2014

Window Blinds in Philadelphia: Why Your Choice of Color is Important

"The color that objects come in is more important than you think. You may not know it, but color affects everything from readability, mood, food choices, and even buying decisions! When you first think of purchasing blinds for your windows, color may not be the first consideration that pops in mind. However, the color you choose for your blinds is just as important a consideration as its design and material. This is because the color of your blinds can affect the harmony between the color of your room, your furniture, and your fixtures. If you understand color scheme basics, you’ll be able to choose blinds that enhance the look of your Philadelphia home as well as complement your particular design and style choices. Note that color scheme is simply the combination of colors that look good together. So when you’re choosing window blinds in Philadelphia, first consider the existing color schemes in your home."