Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Home Automation in Philadelphia: What Philly Residents should know

"Highly trained technicians from a company like Allure Window Treatments, for instance, can install motorized windows that can be set to pull up or down at certain times of day or whenever solar energy reaches a designated level. Consequently, your home receives just the right amount of sunlight and heat, thereby reducing the strain on your home’s heating and cooling system and lowering your monthly utility bill. In terms of safety, home automation in Philadelphia takes away the worry of children getting entangled in cords or elderly residents tripping on protruding cords. Users can control motorized shades from their phone or tablet, and even do so remotely. That said, it is best to hire professional technicians like the ones from Allure Window Treatments to ensure the proper installation of such a system."

Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday-Ready Philadelphia Interior Design: Useful Tips for Your Home

"To this end, companies such as Allure Window Treatments can help spruce up your home with the best Philadelphia interior design solutions that work well not only during the holiday season but throughout the year as well. Such design companies can also suggest what kind of furniture goes best in your humble abode in terms of function and aesthetics. For instance, you can breathe life into your old couches and chairs by updating them with unique upholstery in Philadelphia. Count on a company like Allure Window Treatments to offer a great selection of upholstery fabrics that can turn your living room into the fun and inviting space it was meant to be."

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Benefits of Installing Custom Philadelphia Shutters for Your Home

Shutters are also perfect for people who need to sleep in while the sun is up. Window shutters, especially those with solid center panels, can block out light more than any other window treatment. Likewise, the right window shutters can help create a more relaxing atmosphere since they can be used to block out noise as well. Window shutters with aesthetically pleasing designs can make any room feel homier. To ensure the best design outcome, be sure to have your window treatments customized. Leading design studios such as Allure Window Treatments offer custom window treatments in Philadelphia that include tailor-made shutters for commercial and residential properties.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Say “Oui!” To French-style Philadelphia Window Treatments and D├ęcor

"For fabrics, the toile (which literally translates to “cloth” in French) is widely used. Toile fabric is characterized by a white or beige background adorned with recurring pictures depicting a wide range of subjects. In terms of window treatments, printed or solid-colored drapes are common. These are hung high, extend to the floor, and laid out in layers. Fabrics of strikingly similar designs are sold by trusted dealers of Philadelphia window treatments such as Allure Window Treatments. Lastly, authentic French interior design wouldn’t be complete without something to serve as a focal point. For this purpose, an ornate chandelier is considered the cherry on top. Usually hung above the dining table or living room, a chandelier is sure to add a touch of sophistication akin to the iconic Palace of Versailles."