Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Home Automation in Philadelphia: Energy Savings and Other Benefits

In the forefront among these options is home automation in Philadelphia, which allows residents to conveniently control and manage their energy consumption at home. A Smart Home system can incorporate several devices and equipment to enhance energy efficiency, such as a motorized window treatment from established providers like Allure Window Treatments. When used with a Solar Energy Sensor, this window treatment system can detect the amount of solar energy a room is receiving, and automatically open and close depending on the amount of light and heat the room needs. This helps ensure indoor temperatures are maintained at comfortable levels, without consuming unnecessary amounts of energy.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Philadelphia Interior Design Pros Give Homes a Fresh Look this Fall

As can be expected, however, each interior designer has his or her own unique take on home decorating this fall. Given these options, homeowners can go with whatever is trendy at the moment, or they could personalize their interiors and steer away from what’s in vogue. However they choose to redecorate their living spaces, though, homeowners would certainly benefit from the help of professional interior designers in making their vision a reality. In particular, companies like Allure Window Treatments, which offer Philadelphia interior design services, may also provide specific treatments, such as new window shades or curtains, that can give a room a whole new look without a total overhaul. Similar changes in upholsteries, a few furniture pieces, and decors can effectively freshen up a room and make it feel brand new.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Custom Window Treatments in Philadelphia: Choosing the Right Curtains

Materials Choosing the right fabric and hardware is also paramount when installing draperies and curtains in Philadelphia homes. Some fabrics are easier to maintain and are sturdier than others; cotton, for instance, is more manageable when it comes to cleaning, while wool can hold a number embellishments without tearing. Velvet curtains give off an elegant and regal vibe, not to mention, privacy, when installed in a room. Choosing the right hardware for curtains, such as curtain rods and finials, is also essential because fabrics vary in weight, and using the wrong hardware might damage the curtains.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Philadelphia Window Treatments: Factors to Consider for Every Room

Closed Window Policy Private rooms like the bathroom, bedroom, baby room, and guest rooms need optimal privacy. Rooms for sleeping also need to be appropriately darkened. Homeowners can employ the aid of companies like Allure Window Treatments, which are staffed by professionals who are knowledgeable in installing the correct window treatments for Philadelphia homes. Such companies can outfit these light-sensitive rooms with blackout curtains, draperies, blinds, and other light and vision-blocking window treatments while keeping it classy and stylish. Blinds - Mixing Style with Function Speaking of window treatments that can keep rooms private in a classy and stylish way, the right kind of blinds can spruce up any room. When people speak of blinds for windows, the first thing that pops in their minds would be classic Venetian blinds.